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News Comment #5

I chose to write my news comment on an article from titled “Iran’s President Used His UN Speech to Insult Trump.” This article details both Trump’s speech aimed to criticize the Iranian government and the rebuttal from the Iranian President. Both speeches insulted the Presidents of the latter country, the US government being called “rogue newcomers” and the Iranian government being called a “corrupt dictatorship.”  This piece went on to say that the two Presidents, while trying to promote peace between each other, caused their countries to become more offset.

This article relates back to our class with the fact that there are many long quotes within this article itself. These quotes were not taken from interviews, but were spoken by the President’s during their speeches and are now being quoted. This use of these quotes is almost overbearing and difficult to read, but they also add substance to the piece. While we continue to learn more about embedding quotes into articles, this piece can serve as both a good and bad example of quotation usage.

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  1. fuglsang

    Somebody on NPR Monday morning said it is no big deal that two heads of state are calling each other names. SOP, he says. That may be true, but it seems like we are getting way more of it these days.

    What I see is that VOX is translating one speech. That info may not be available elsewhere for thos of us who don’t speak Farsi.

    Also an example of the conflict news value?

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