One female student from Armstrong Aeronautical University died early this morning after her and 3 friends were left stranded after their boat capsized.

Wapniarski and her 3 friends were attempting to swim 4 miles to shore when she cried out for help. They had been stranded in the water without lifejackets since 5 pmĀ the night before. Randy Cohen, swimming in front of Wapniarski, swam back to help.

Wapniarski was unconscious when Cohen reached her and was pronounced dead by Daniel Perrin, another member of the group. Cohen swam with her body as long as he could.

After leaving Wapniarski, it took the three 6 more hours to reach shore. They were taken to Halifax Hospital, where Cohen is still a patient and the others were released.

No news has yet been given as to what the actual cause of death for Wapniarski was.