Nov 07 2017

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Emma Watson Story

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Emma Watson, an actress that is most famous for her role in the Harry Potter movies as Hermione, speech that she gave at the One Young World summit on gender equality and the struggles of activism. One Young World is a UK-based charity that gathers young leaders to attempt to create a positive change in this world.

She starts off her speech by saying how it still comes to a shock to her that she is this strong of a voice in something that she never really saw herself being an “activist” for. She, lately, has been a strong supporter for women’s rights and gender equality as she said,

“I feel gender equality is as important as any other goals that we are here to discuss.”

And discuss she did as she continued on about the significant progress that the world has made in the cause for equality. She claims that she has finally found her “tribe” or group that she feels she belongs to.

“We, the entire spectrum of the feminist movement” she says, “are building an unstoppable current..”

This claiming that every person,  no matter what title, has a ripple effect on how this world operates and we need to unite and work together to make this world go round.

To finish it up she listed off sayings that go through her mind throughout the day and night that absolutely scare the shit out of her, but at the end of the day she knows that is exactly the ways that she wants to live her life.


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  1. fuglsangon 09 Nov 2017 at 4:33 am 1

    Begin with the speech, Elliott. Background and context come later. In the lede you need to summarize what you felt it was about and/or what you thought was most important. Paragraphs 3-5 could be that lede. Summarize the point, then support with a quote.

    Don’t go chronologically through the speech. Just focus on what’s important.