Oct 25 2017

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Crunch Time is Destroying Video Game Designers/Developers

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Most of the everyday person loves them and tend to struggle to put them down, video games that is.

The normal everyday video game player doesn’t know the entire backstory of how video games are designed and created. But the reason for them to be released faster and have thousands more of in-game updates than ever before is because of the overworking of the developers.

For some tasks that the developers give themselves, it is by choice. But when people are demanding a certain update in the game, it is hard to refuse that work to please their fans/followers.

Brett Douville, a veteran game programmer, said he once worked so long and for so hard that he found himself temporarily unable to step out of his car.

All workplaces have their stresses and negatives but when it comes to your personal health, it is another level that needs to be addressed by management.


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  1. fuglsangon 31 Oct 2017 at 3:04 pm 1

    This doesn’t read like a news comment, Elliott.
    I would guess crunch time is common in lots of fields. I know it exists for me — midterms and finals. It’s sort-term though connected to other fields where it might last for weeks ahead of a deadline.

    This seems like a weak idea/subject for an opinion article. Why would anyone listen to him?