Oct 17 2017

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Historical Collision in Space has Astronomers Rushing to their Telescopes

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It was announced Monday that for the first time in history, the collision of two neutron stars occurred 130 million light-years away sending fireworks from the explosion across the universe.


The ripple caught by astronomer’s antennas sent them rushing to their telescopes to attempt to witness this historic moment.


Astronomers believe that this kind of explosion is what gave the earth gold, silver, and uranium. So you can thank the largest firework show in the universe for all the materials found in your wedding band!


These stars’ masses are as great as the sun but compact into a radius of just 12 miles long; about the size of Manhattan.


Neutron stars are the densest form of stable matter. So much so that if you add any more mass over a certain limit it would collapse into itself creating black hole.


Scientists have yet to find what that limit is, but after this historical finding I’m sure they are not too far behind on figure that out, as they learn something new every day.

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One Response to “Historical Collision in Space has Astronomers Rushing to their Telescopes”

  1. fuglsangon 23 Oct 2017 at 7:36 pm 1

    OK. I didn’t initially figure the headline was your lead. That throwaway lead is necessary. It works. I also like the detail.

    You need to cite the source. That’s even more important if you’re borrowing the text and imagery: fireworks, wedding band, etc.

    I like the idea and the conversational style of the last graf. I think the wedding band idea would have also made for a good closer.

    1:15 is a bit long.