House of Q

The second restaurant on the docket for the Eating Siouxland May term course is House of Q. House of Q opened just under 3 years ago in it’s standalone location; before it opened on Transit, it existed as a food truck that roamed the city. The majority of students had not eaten at House of Q before, even though it shares a parking lot with Bob Roe’s. All the students, those for whom this was a new experience and those who were returning, seemed to enjoy the experience and the food. More and more students and employees of Morningside will likely discover and rediscover House of Q during the fall semester of 2013 when a Morningside jazz band will play weekly. During those performances, anyone with a Morningside ID will receive a discount!

This is one of my personal favorite restaurants in town, not only because of the good food, the good service, and the exquisite sauces: the beer list is legendary. In addition to the beers on the list, Big D orders a long list of seasonal and special brews.

For more information on House of Q, check out their website, linked above. Also, take a look at these wonderful blog posts written by students in the course:

Bob Roe’s

The first restaurant on the menu for the semester is Bob Roe’s Point After.  This is a favorite spot for Morningside students, faculty, and staff. The reason we picked this restaurant first is because it is something familiar. Writing about the familiar can be easier, less challenging, but as the semester progresses, we will start to get further and further from our comfort zone, our comfort food. Before we went to eat at the restaurant, students wrote about their preconceived notions for Bob Roe’s. Only four of the 19 students had never been, so most of the students were able to supply some thoughts. Some of the ways we conceived of Bob Roes before we dined there were:

  • Great Wings
  • Lots of sports memorabilia on the wall
  • Besides Wednesdays, it’s easy to get service. Wednesday is Wing Wednesdays
  • Family restaurant, college restaurant.
  • Dark
  • Cold Beer
  • Little league banquets–kid friendly
  • Owners are accessible–half the class has met the owner
  • Lots of regulars–wait staff knows your name
  • Reasonably priced–“Wing Wednesday is cheaper than heck!”
  • Right next to campus–one of only a few options within “walking distance”
  • Variety of food–which is a good thing, but mainly they just eat pizza and wings

The preconceived notions the students had of the restaurant proved true. Because it wasn’t Wednesday, the restaurant was moderately busy.  We had called ahead to reserve spots for our 19-person class. Students mostly stuck to the tried-and-true options of wings and pizza, but a few of us ventured out and tried new things.  Overall, it was a perfect place to start out class, with a blend of familiar and new–a great way to sink out teeth into the idea of writing about food in the Siouxland area.

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