House of Q

The second restaurant on the docket for the Eating Siouxland May term course is House of Q. House of Q opened just under 3 years ago in it’s standalone location; before it opened on Transit, it existed as a food truck that roamed the city. The majority of students had not eaten at House of Q before, even though it shares a parking lot with Bob Roe’s. All the students, those for whom this was a new experience and those who were returning, seemed to enjoy the experience and the food. More and more students and employees of Morningside will likely discover and rediscover House of Q during the fall semester of 2013 when a Morningside jazz band will play weekly. During those performances, anyone with a Morningside ID will receive a discount!

This is one of my personal favorite restaurants in town, not only because of the good food, the good service, and the exquisite sauces: the beer list is legendary. In addition to the beers on the list, Big D orders a long list of seasonal and special brews.

For more information on House of Q, check out their website, linked above. Also, take a look at these wonderful blog posts written by students in the course: