The Popeyes fried chicken sandwich made its return after a 2-month shortage nationwide. The sandwich was back on November 3rd after the company did not realize how high demand for it would be. Popeyes had estimated to be prepared for the demand for the sandwich through September, but ran out of inventory at the end of August. The company has stabilized the supply chain for the product and is confident they will meet the demand as a permanent menu item. The shortage of the sandwich also left Popeyes employees working tirelessly and dealing with threatening customers.

Terry Nguyen wrote this article on November 5th and started by explaining the shortage. He mentioned how customers sometimes waited over an hour for their order. But, ordering off the Popeyes mobile app allowed customers to skip the lines. He told of incidents where customers fought over who cut in line and a man stabbed someone to death. Nguyen talked about the rivalry with Chik-fil-A and how Popeyes will keep up with demand. Nguyen covered how Popeyes will move on from the shortage and all the things surrounding it.

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