Mic– Tracey Anne Duncan. “3 reasons to get up early that are more about happiness than productivity”

Tracey Anne Duncan discusses, in an article, the difference that waking up early in the morning makes in her life. She describes her morning routine and how it makes her individual days and life better. She has a slow and steady morning that usually includes coffee, a sun rise, running, chores, meditation, etc. Duncan does yoga and compares that to successful entrepreneurs. She explains the three reasons to get up early that are about happiness: The world is quiet and that can be grounding, it can help you gain perspective and establish a work-life balance, and you’ll likely have more time with yourself. These three reasons are about getting a routine for life and work.

Duncan leads her article by explaining to anyone who works and may be looking for a new morning routine to make them happier doesn’t have to do it like an entrepreneur. But, this article could apply to anyone really. She leads by questioning “successful people” who wake up early and explaining her routine, which is an effective picture of her morning. She describes it in detail and how yoga is a big factor in her morning to make her happy. She does a good job to explain why the three reasons are about happiness, not productivity. She centers the article to explain why these things can make the readers life better.


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