NPR– Keith Woods. “Opinion: Report on Racism, But Ditch the Labels”

Keith Woods reports his opinion on a tweet on the mobile app “Twitter” that President Trump tweeted that people call “racist.” He talks about how journalists are publishing about these tweets and questions if they are the ones to judge. He understands why people are upset, but looks into the difference of professional journalists and people expressing opinions. Expressing opinions in journalism can go straight to the public and Woods tells how journalists need to be careful and report fair news.

            Woods targets those who see the tweets and see articles and comments about how what the President says is “racist.” He leads by explaining the President is using the “Sniper power of Twitter” which already implies he does not side with the President. Woods clearly explains that the article is his opinion and uses this to say what he thinks the problems are in journalism today. He targets journalists who use their platform to slip in their opinions and worries about the future of journalism. It is a strongly opinionated article, but he comes out and says journalists need to be careful to not claim themselves as “credible news” if they are going to abuse it. He questions the reader by saying “Who decides where the line is that President crossed?” He explains that journalists need to be careful with their power and distinguish themselves from fair writing and “noise.”

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