Media Comparison

October 27, 2021

I chose a story from my hometown that went viral a couple years back while I was in high school. In the written article titled “‘Racism is a taught behavior’: High-schoolers disciplined for wearing white robes and a hood on ‘Spirit Day’”, I found writer went into much more detail of the towns history and population of the town of Riverton, Wyoming. The author of this article interviewed a Native American activist of Riverton to get an insight on how such incidents may increase tensions in schools and int he community. Exclaiming that ‘tensions have only escalated in recent years’ the author even mentions another completely unrelated incident that occurred just outside of the Riverton Walmart where a Native American man was shot and killed by police. The article also used very specific descriptive words saying how the boys ‘stormed’ through the door with ‘grins on their faces’ as they wore white robes and pointed hoods resembling KKK member attire. The written article got a different point of view by reaching out to the Native American community other than just the school administrators.

The broadcast story was much more simple than the article from The Washington Post. They mostly used phone recordings from the superintendent for their source. Superintendent Snyder apologized and explained that the incident is not a representation of Riverton High and that the students will be punished appropriately. The video was a visual story that would catch the attention of people who don’t like to read.

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  1.   Anonymous said:

    Some good observations, Josie. From what I can tell, the ABC station is out of California, so not local. That somewhat explains the focus on the event and not on the context. The Washington Post isn’t local either, but as you point out it addresses the Native American issues as a way of connecting larger issues. In 2019 they could also connect the racism to other situations in this country.

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