News Comment #10

November 7, 2021

On Wednesday morning, hauling over 120 calves near the causeway of Boysen Reservoir in Shoshoni, WY.

The writer of the article must have been on scene I am assuming because they used a lot of quotes from community members who were actively saving the remains calves alongside the firefighters. Although there was a lot of quotes the author used, I feel he could have maybe paraphrased the story a bit more, giving readers more of a description of what happened. I can see that the main reason the writer did use so many quotes was to emphasize how the community came together for ‘The Wyoming Way’. Many of the community members mentioned in the article are local ranchers that many locals know, but anyone else reading the article may be lost or uninterested with all of the unfamiliar names.

I also noticed that the writer saved the reports of human injuries for last, I would consider that to be more important information that could be mentioned first.