Josie Dike Major: Mass Comm.
Hometown: Riverton, Wyoming
Sports/Activities: Swimming & Choir

Hello! My name is Josie Dike. I’m from a small town in central Wyoming known as Riverton. The population is around 10,000 and it is located in a little bowl between the Wind River mountain range and the Owl Creek mountains. I live about thirty minutes north. My hobbies include swimming, writing, and creating art. Since I was young my mom has been a trooper, taking me to every swim practice and swim meet and paying for all of the sports expenses. Whenever I wasn’t in the pool I would be taking pictures, drawing, painting, and whatever other crafts or projects I could come up with.

I came to Morningside because it offered me many opportunities to further my capabilities in subjects I’m interested in. I was contacted by assistant swimming Coach James Svoboda, and he explained to me the benefits of college swimming and hooked me into joining the Morningside family. My major is Mass Communications and I want to minor in Criminal Justice so I can pursue a career along the lines of investigative journalism.

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