Gilbert Mascaranez (right) a relative on my mom’s side, and my dad, David Dike (left), bore their first fishing hole on Boysen Reservoir.
Soon after rain started to fall, my dad (left), and Gilbert (right), pose for a picture with their first catch of the day, a walleye.
Most of the freezer is stalked with various species of fish. If it gets too full, we sort the fish, and give it away.
My dad (David Dike) displays his monster sized burbot (also known as ling) he caught while ice fishing on the Boysen Reservoir.
Ling have a different anatomical structure than other freshwater fish, so gutting and cleaning them is comparatively an easier process.
Fried ling is breaded with cornmeal and lemon pepper and cooked in vegetable oil.
Boiled ling is a complicated process that involves sugar and salt. Ling that is prepared this way is what local fisherman call “poor man’s lobster” because of the similarities in texture and even taste.
Not many side dishes are needed with this much fish, but asparagus and cheese is a good addition to balance the meal.

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