Miller is starting her Sophomore year here at Morningside College. She chose Morningside because of the amazing campus and opportunities that are offered here. Originally, Miller is a small town girl who grew up in Rocksprings, Wyoming. Wyoming is a peculiar place with towering mountains and vast areas of just space. Although the scenery is gorgeous, a majority of the towns are settled in valleys or giant bowls of flat dessert ground leaving most of the population isolated from one another. However, Miller managed to escape the rugged mountains and travel east… to corn land (Iowa).

Here at Morningside she is majoring in Mass Communications as well as General Psychology. She chose these majors because she enjoys creative writing and mentioned that she wants to even write a book someday. Miller also enjoys photography and takes pictures of her friends as well as occasional sunset and landscape pictures on her free time.

Miller may be wicked with the camera and on the keyboard, but swimming is where her true colors show. Payton is a distance swimmer, meaning she swims events ranging anywhere from two hundred yards freestyle, to the mile freestyle swim. Now, if you watch the Olympics at home you may underestimate the true difficulty of sports like swimming because superhuman like Michael Phelps make it look easy. This sport requires good work ethic, dedication, and skill to perform and Payton has been doing so since she was 4 years old. She joined the Rocksprings Swim Club and worked her way up the food chain swimming for the middle school swim team and then for the girls high school team and continued to pursue her swimming career here at Morningside. After many enduring many relentless years of swimming practices and swimming meets Miller stated, “I believe swimming will always be a part of my life because of how many pool chemicals I’ve swallowed”.