According to the Washington Post YouTube is actively removing videos and video channels of influencers that are anti-vaccine activists, in order to ‘prevent’ further skepticism of the COVID-19 vaccine .

The article says that the US is behind about 20% in vaccinations compared to other countries, sitting at 56% fully vaccinated Americans. Biden claims that “social media platforms are partially at fault for the decrease in vaccinations”.

Although untrue and false content should have some restrictions, social media companies are going too far. They are nearly being controlled by the government. YouTube is not the first to begin such drastic measures in regards of ‘fact checking’. Facebook and Twitter have had policing enforced on their sites as well.

Originally, these companies all had policies that maintained an open platform which is important for freedom of speech and press. Now that regulators of status and lawmakers are able to pressure companies into regulatory policies, what other influence do they have on social media companies?

Although that remains a mystery, it is obvious that they are not targeting anti-vax influencers in general, but anti-corona-vaxors that share their studies, theories, and inquiries specifically about COVID-19 vaccinations.

I personally agree with medical freedom, but during this time of a pandemic it is very difficult to decide what is right and what is wrong because nothing is clear. In my point of view extremists, and those of large influence, should be monitored, but not taken down in order to protect our first amendment right to freedom of speech.

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  1.   fuglsang said:

    It does seem like an infringement on speech, but YouTube is not Congress. It can do as it wishes. I would expect (suspect?) YouTube execs don’t want to be responsible for people dying.

    You can say all day people need to take responsibility for their own actions, but that’s difficult if you base your decisions on lies and misinformation.

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