Lead Exercise 4

September 14, 2021

Local merchant passes after donating “educational rides” to City Park.

Robert T. F. Ho, former owner of the Quick Stop Laundry recently passed away two days ago after he anonymously donated $11,000 to install playground equipment for local parks.

His wife Mrs. Ho said, “Robert always enjoyed watching the kids play in the park across the street. He felt sorry for the kids who had to wait to use the equipment, especially the little ones.” The compassionate businessman provided funds to install a “Hanging gate” and a “Super Slide” for toddlers to use and enjoy.

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  1.   fuglsang said:

    This one needs some work, Josie. You’re trying to do way too much in the lead.

    What’s the story? Ho donates money or new park rides? Pick one. What does the story look like?

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