News Comment #7

Why cremation has overtaken burial in America (

This article was intriguing because I personally would rather be cremated when I die than have a traditional funeral. The article details the authors personal experience with the debate of funeral or cremation which I found actually kind of insightful. They also talk about a how cremation rates are going up dramatically in America and the world in general.

Overall really liked the article. I even listened to the podcast that the article was based off of. The author does a great job of getting on a relatable, personal level that I liked.

Change Your Point of View

Planet Fitness, a place of self improvement, self discovery, and a place of no judgement. On an average day I go to the gym and lift late in the afternoon or at night. Today was different, I decided to go early in the morning before my classes. I woke up at 7:30am and went to Planet Fitness at 8:00am with two of my friends.

The drive to the gym felt longer than normal. The sun was shining down from the east with such an intensity to it that I could not see the various stoplights until I was much closer. As we pulled into the parking lot, I noticed there were not as many cars as usual.

The first thing I noticed as I walked into the gym was the fact that my friends and I were the only people there under the age of 40. I walked up to the counter to scan my phone and it took several attempts to scan when on an average day it takes one or two attempts.

As I began my workout I noticed that my mind was still not fully awake but my body was ready to go. I began on the cable machines, using a straight bar for bicep cable curls. The straight bar was squeaking with every rep like a grandmother’s old rocking chair.

Next, I noticed the smell. All of the other people in the gym were using the sanitizer as if it were a bottle of Febreze. I could feel my nose hairs crying for help while being singed off thanks to the sanitizer being used like air freshener.

When it was time to leave my friends and I did the same thing we always do and weighed ourselves whilst talking about how good of a pump we got. As we walked out of the gym I noticed that the sun was no longer shining down with as much intensity as earlier in the morning.

Gushers Description

Gushers are slimy, gooey, fruity deliciousness. They are firm until they enter your mouth then they soften to reveal a gooey center as if a volcano of fruity flavor had just erupted in your mouth. After eating Gusher’s, one must dig the remains out of their teeth like a person mining for gold.

News Article #2 Draft

Texas’s new abortion law could permeate among other states, here are some Morningside student thoughts.

Texas has recently put into place a new law on abortion that makes getting an abortion illegal after 6 weeks. Which is the most restrictive law on abortion the United States has ever seen.

Although Morningside is not in Texas or even near it for that matter, students here do think that the new law will begin effecting other states in the near future.

Now that the state of Iowa is slowly becoming more of a blue state, some students believe that this new law on abortion will not concern them. Whereas other students are aware that Iowa has been traditionally red and still is mostly red. Meaning that the new law could have an effect on their lives.

As it currently sits Texas is the only state to put this law into place and it looks as though it will stay that way for a while.

News Comment #6

Ted Cruz thanks ‘God’ after reports of Zodiac Killer found (

I liked this short article that took a bit of a lighter, funnier tone about the new alleged Zodiac killer. The article focused on Ted Cruz being “off the hook” now that Gary Poste has been allegedly linked to the murders. I thought the the article was well written as well as short, sweet, and to the point. I liked how they included the tweet that Cruz sent out with the GIF of Robert Downey Jr. I found this funny because RDJ starred in the Zodiac movie which is one of my favorite movies.

John Gonsler Story

John Gonsler, the former police/corrections officer turned college professor is exactly 50% of Morningside’s criminal justice department.

Gonsler has been a Professor at Morningside for three semesters now. When searching for a job as a Professor, he narrowed his search to two schools, Morningside being one of them. Morningside was intriguing to him because a new criminal justice program was forming.

Professor Gonsler has been in the criminal justice field of work for most of his adult life, first as a police officer in Flint, Michigan, where he is originally from. “if the people don’t kill you, the water will,” Gonsler said about Flint.

Gonsler’s time as a police officer and later a corrections officer helped him realize that he did not want to do that for the rest of his life. Instead, he applied to Master’s programs and was accepted into one. For his Master’s he became penpals with the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski. Receiving five letters from him until he “pissed him off.”

Now that Professor Gonsler is settled into his new position at Morningside University, he has more time for some of his hobbies. He enjoys working out, walking his dog, hunting, “very unsuccessfully”, and playing music is his band.

Gonsler plays the guitar and the bass in his band. He has a love for music that he says was heavily influenced by the Beatles. Sporting a biker mustache paired with a button down shirt, jeans, white puma basketball shoes, and an extensive collection of tattoos, Gonsler is not the stereotypical musician.

When asked what they thought of Professor Gonsler one student said that he had interesting stories and was a master of keeping everyone interested. Although Professor Gonsler said he is quite shy, he does know how to hold a room.

interesting stories, kept everyone interested.

Last Conversation

My roommate, Tate, came into the room at approximately 9:20am. While he was walking in he was watching a video, I couldn’t tell what the video was about but I assumed it was a TikTok video. I groggily woke up to see what the commotion was and he pleasantly looked at me and said “hi”, while waving at me. I greeted him back and laid my head back on the pillow for a few more minutes. When I finally got out of bed I noticed he was wearing his Spark Train hat, his favorite, as well as shorts and a t-shirt. I noticed that the curls in his hair are not very tight anymore. I realized he had just gotten back from another class.

News Comment #5

How abortion laws in the U.S. compare to those in other countries – Washington Post

I found this article very insightful. I was not expecting a lot out of the content of the article but I was mistaken. I actually really enjoyed the content and how it was formatted/written. I didn’t realize just how radical our abortion laws are compared to the rest of the world. I also liked how they included a graphic to really visualize what was already being said. Good article that was written well.

Interview #1

Jolina is a freshman at Morningside University and she is from Germany. In Germany the Covid regulations are more strict than in America, but Jolina prefers the American regulations. Public transportation in Germany requires masks and clubs and bars just reopened recently.

Jolina found it difficult adjusting to American Covid regulations compared to what she was used to in Germany. “I bought like 50 masks” she said. With Morningside being in green she doesn’t really use those masks.

School became more difficult for Jolina during Covid. Online lessons would be hard to focus on, “I would play video games because of how boring it was” she said.

The most difficult part of the lockdown in Germany for Jolina was not being able to play soccer. She was able to play a couple months before coming over to America which was good because she is on the Morningside soccer team.

News Comment #4

‘The Conjuring’ House Is Asking $1.2 Million (Spirits Included) – WSJ

First of all who in their right mind would buy this house for any amount of money??? The evidence of spirits living there is insane, I know there is money to be made in it but I don’t think it is worth it.

The article was really well written. I liked the pacing of it. It was an easy read and an interesting read. The lead really hooked me because I loved the conjuring movies. A lot of what makes the article interesting has to do with the Hollywood effect.