Jalen Portis, senior, adjust settings and prepares the camera for a recording.
Jalen Portis, senior, ensures his camera is correctly positioned and ready for the upcoming shoot.
Jalen Portis, senior, works as the director during the recording of a project for the communications capstone class.
MCTV and its accompanying studio is a huge part of the Mass Communication department which many people do not even know is there.
Zach Koelfagan (left) poses for a picture with Friends of the Animal Shelter Spokesperson Cindy Rarrat (right) after their Community Connections interview.
Dreya Roberts (left) interviews Mary Pickens (right) about her involvement with the Boys and Girls Home of Siouxland during KMSC’s Community Connections event.
Alexis Spier (left) interviews Brandi Steck (right) about the Siouxland Community Health Center during the Community Connections event.
Diego Ocando (right) sits with his friend and prepares to open the microphone during KMSC’s 45th birthday celebration.

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