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March 1st, 2023 | Uncategorized |
Mondays are upper body workout day. A common lift for this day is incline bench press.
Wednesdays are my lower body workout day. Most recently I did back squats with a twist: a three second pause at the bottom of each rep.
Dumbbells are great for doing a variety of auxiliary lifts. Versatile and easy to change weight.
When it is too cold to run outside, you will find me doing my cardio on an indoor track. On Fridays, a one and a half mile run is my go to.
Eggs are a staple of my morning routine and overall diet. It is an anomaly if I eat any less than a dozen a week.
Video games are a great way for me to unwind or connect with my little cousins. Though, they are far from my strong suit.
70s, 80s, 90s it does not matter, I love music. Most of all classic rock, especially the bands pictured here.
Though I enjoy all sports, football and the NFL is my true passion… specifically the Minnesota Vikings.
I recently took up reading before bed at night. My first book was “1984” by Orwell and now I am reading murder mysteries.
Bingeing TV is a good way to pass time during colder months. Community, Arrested Development, and Always Sunny in Philadelphia are some of my favorites. Recently I started Modern Family.
As the Student Station Manager, I spend a lot of time in the KMSC studio.
A personal creation of mine I call “Cadenade”. A low calorie drink for a Friday night.

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  1. These are the photos I picked for visual perception because why explain my routines when I could show them. I struggled to find photos I have taken which well represent visual perception, but I fell on these due to the personalization. People may not believe or understand the things I do each day, but photos help them to build a picture of them and believe them.

  2. union-price-fire-extinguisher
    کپسول آتش نشانی را چگونه شارژ می کنند؟
    اولین نکته ای که باید در زمان شارژ مجدد کپسول آتش نشانی خود بدانید این است که کپسول آتش نشانی شما چه مدلی است و به اصطلاح از کدام نوع می باشد. در مرحله بعدی موادی که داخل کپسول آتش نشانی باقی مانده اند را باید تخلیه کرد و با مواد جدید پر کرد. البته این کار به همین سادگی که گفتیم نیست و شما نیاز به ابزار هایی مانند پمپ باد و… دارید و قیمت شارژ کپسول آتش نشانی در صورتی که شغل شما شارژ کپسول آتش نشانی نباشد، خریداری این دستگاه ها و استفاده از آن ها هزینه زیادی برای شما خواهد داشت. پس حرکت به صرفه این است که کار را به شرکت هایی بسپارید که تجهیزات و تخصص لازم برای این کار را دارند.

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