Media Comparison

October 27th, 2021 | Uncategorized |

For my media comparison, I chose a story on covid vaccinations for children. The broadcast stories I used was one I watched on KTIV news at noon on Wednesday, October 27th. The broadcast story was part of a string of news stories to open the newscast so it was quick, but still informational. They only gave the most important facts back to back with little to no transition between sentences. They mostly mentioned things such as which company is making them, why it is okay for pediatric use, and when they hope to make the shots available. This information was backed by quick cutting b-roll footage of the vaccine being bottled in a mass production line. Though I understand they were trying to go fast, I think the story could have benefitted from some quotes or interview clips.

On the other hand, I found a text story on the same topic from that was posted on Tuesday, October 26th. The text story seemed more conversational in this comparison because it actually talked about the details instead of just throwing out facts in a row. The text story gave some background to the want of a pediatric vaccine and went far more in depth about the company making it and why the company thinks the benefits outweigh the risk. In this scenario, I think the text story was a better overall news story, but the broadcast story was much faster and took less effort to understand.

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