News Comment Week 15

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The article I found this week is about the Seattle Seahawks signing veteran running back Adrian Peterson. Seattle is hoping the 36 year old running back is going to bring a spark to their beat up backfield. Peterson only spent minimal time on the free agent market after being waived by the Tennessee Titans only one week ago. Though Peterson has not been elevated to the 57 man roster yet, head coach Pete Carrol is excited about the signing.

I personally like the lead of this story, it was simple and to the point. Though I might change one or two things about the wording, it was a good lead. As for the organization, the story first talks about Peterson’s recent career, then goes on to sample the Seahawk’s running back woes. I personally think these two topics would make more sense if they were flipped. First talk about the reasons why Seattle took a chance on Peterson, then talk about what Peterson had done prior to this season. Since that order of importance comes down to opinion, I think the story was overall well written and interesting.

The Argumentative Payton Miller

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When given a list of descriptive words, Payton Miller scanned her way through the list and decide “argumentative” was the best word to describe her.

Miller says that she enjoys hearing other peoples’ opinion on a variety of subjects and then promptly arguing for the other side.

“When people argue their side, they either show their ignorance or teach me something new” said Miller. Since she is a moderate, Miller does not overly agree with either side of most common arguments so she is able to argue, or learn, about both sides of the argument.

Though she does it often, Miller noted that she does not really get anything out of arguing other than a little entertainment or the occasional gain of knowledge.

It is easy to see Miller sampling this trait of hers by examining her behavior in any of her various classes; especially if she is talking to one Caleb Lubbers, whom Miller mentioned she enjoys giving a hard time to.

News Comment Week 13

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For this week’s news comment, I picked an article about the NFL ramping up covid protocols. These strict protocols are due to the upcoming holiday season. Between November 26th and December 1st, vaccinated players will have to have weekly negative covid tests while unvaccinated players will be required to have a daily negative covid test to enter facilities. Also, effective November 29th the NFL will require team cafeterias and weight-rooms in order to ensure all players are wearing masks.

The lead for this story is insanely long for a lead and is one run-on sentence that could have easily been split up or shortened into a better lead. I believe the best way would have been to make a whole different lead and use the lead as the first paragraph. As for the rest of the story, I think it was well organized and used the inverted pyramid style of writing well. One interesting thing I have noticed is that all ESPN articles have a similar set up: a long lead, most important information, a quote, and then closing or future information.

News Comment Week 12

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The article I read was about the NFL backing their officials on the subject of a highly controversial taunting call against the Chicago Bears. It broke down the implications of the penalty on the outcome of the game and the reasons the flag was thrown. Tony Correnet and his officiating crew cited the “posture” the Bears player made towards the stealers bench as their reasoning for the penalty.

Though I think the lead was affective, it definitely could have been cut down to a more simple statement and still gotten the point across. It was overly specific with information that could have been used in later paragraphs. Past the lead, I thought the story was well organized. It had a good inverted pyramid giving details on what happened first, then moving on to the implications. Finally, it finished with past information about the season. I enjoyed the last sentence of story which talked about the ridiculous number of taunting fouls called this season.

  1. How the outcome of the game could have changed without the penalty.
  2. What causes the officials to throw a penalty flag in today’s NFL.
  3. What made the NFL decide to crack down on taunting.

Broadcast Story Script

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There is a new popular travel location in Indonesia, the long lost “Island of Gold”.

An article on states that scientists from all over the world are rushing to Indonesia after divers began uncovering countless coins, tools, and figures out of a local river, not to mention the pure gold leaking up from the river floor.

Deep under the Musi River in Palembang, Indonesia is where scientist believe they have located the long lost city of Srivijaya. 

According to Livescience, Srivijaya was once a land of wealth and prosper which slowly declined to a wasteland ruled by Chinese pirates over decades of time.

Morningside student Caleb Lubbers had this reaction to a story, (Quote)

Sean Kingsley, a marine archeologist, mentions there is little to no information on what the people of Srivijaya wore or how they lived their daily lives until now.

Moving onto local news, the Sioux City School Board has scheduled a public hearing for a 1.5 million dollar project. 

The school board will discus plans to build a permanent home for the Virtual Institute for Brighter Education.

Better know as the VIBE academy, the program which includes 475 students ranging from kindergarten to high school, is currently housed in a rented section of the Ho Chunk center in downtown Sioux City. The district plans to build a new home for the VIBE academy on a lot of land already owned by the district.

Money for this project will come from the Elementary and Secondary school emergency relief fund, which was created during covid time to help students in need.

_____ _____, a current East High Student, said this about the virtual program, (Quote)

The hearing is set to be held on November 22nd.

In sports news, the Mustangs continue a dominate streak stretching over a decades time.

The Morningside Mustang football team beat out Northwestern by a score of fifty-five to fourty-nine to earn their eleventh consecutive GPAC championship.

Though they already claimed their title, Morningside still has one game left in the regular season, taking on Dakota Wesleyan.

Morningside player _____ _____ had this to say about the upcoming game, (Quote)

Morningside will face Dakota Wesleyan in Mitchell, South Dakota on Saturday, November 13th.

Week 11 News Comment

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The article I read this week is about the sad, crazy situation with the Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs. Ruggs was in a car accident that left one person dead with Ruggs and his girlfriend sustaining non life threatening injuries. New details have come out that state Ruggs had a blood alcohol level nearly double the legal limit in Las Vegas and was driving speeds of up to 156 miles an hour. Ruggs has not been charged yet but is suspected to serve at least five years behind bars with a maximum of forty six. After paying his 150,000 dollar bail, Ruggs is due back in court on November 6th.

Though it was informational, this story’s lead was lengthy and could have easily been cut down a little bit. The lead mentions some of the more detailed information from the story that I believe the lead could do without. As for the organization of the story, I think it did well for what this story is. This story was about updates on the Ruggs case, so it started by talking about details of the case and then moved on to a recap of everything that happened. Though this does not exactly follow the inverted pyramid style, I and more than likely many of the other readers already know about this case, so it was nice to read the new information first and then get a reminder on older information.