Pregnant woman shot and killed intruders that invaded her home (news comment 12)

A pregnant Florida woman shot and killed a man with an AR-15 who invaded her home last Wednesday night.

The two men “made demands” of the man and woman who lived there and then started beating the male homeowner.

The female homeowner then retrieved a firearm, which was in the house legally, and fired a bullet which hit one of the men attacking her husband.

“He made it from my back door to roughly 200 feet out in the front ditch before the AR did its thing.”

Officials say, the search for the second intruder continues.

This story caught my attention because of the headline. A pregnant woman shot someone. That catches my attention and I assume many others. This not only is newsworthy because of that, but also because it is something the whole neighborhood needs to be aware of. An intruder is on the loose and has not been found. The audience for this article can basically be anyone, especially people that live in that same area. Personally, I do not think this article has anything missing from it. It explains that They are both alive, she shot 1 intruder, and the other has not been found yet.

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