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tonight we are going to be focusing more on recent so called “trends” that have been effecting young teens and college kids

Story 1

Did you know blue light exposer from things such as your phone affect aging, brain cells and retinas? 

Long period exposer to blue light, such as that which radiates from computer screens and cell phones, could affect the aging process. New studies show that blue light damages brain cells and retinas.

Here is what a college student had to say about blue light – quote

One study done included flies; and how they were affected after 12-hour daily blue light exposer. 

The flies that were exposed to 12 hours in blue light and 12 hours in darkness had shorter lives than the flies that were kept in total darkness and light with no blue light wavelengths. Flies that were exposed to that blue light showed damage to retinal and brain cells. 

Eyeglasses with blue light blocking lenses, and phones, laptops, and other devices can be set to block blue emissions to help prevent aging, and damage to brain cells and retinas. 

Story 2

It is nearing the end of 2019, and a constant trend we’ve seen throughout this year is juuling. Many teenagers that juul think that it is a healthier alternative compared to cigarettes. Doctors are now giving tips for students who are struggling to quit juuling. Here’s what some have to say.

 Dr. Jaspers, director of the Center for Environmental Medicine, said a Juul is not any less harmful than conventional cigarettes. 

She says, “I think they just don’t understand how much nicotine is in these devices,” “They have no idea that there is probably three times as much nicotine in a Juul as there is in a cigarette.”

approximately two-thirds of Juul users between the ages of 15 and 24 do not know that Juul always contains nicotine.

Here is what a student from morningside college had to say about juuling-  quote

one of the most important first steps for kids to stop juuling is for users to identify the triggers that prompt them to use their Juul.

identify alternative stress relievers to avoid relying on an electronic cigarette.

There are also apps designed to help people modify their behaviors. the Truth Initiative, recently launched an app that could help college students looking to stop using these products

After all, you really have no idea what juuling can do to you and your body in 20-30 years.

Story 3

Speaking of trends, another what seems to be college trend is maintaining that year-round glow- or in other words- tanning beds. 

A New York lawmaker wants to make the age to use tanning beds 21 and up

In the state of New York, minors as young as 17 years old are allowed to tan indoors with written consent from guardians. 

According to stats from the American skin care foundation, more than 419,000 cases of skin cancer in the US are linked to indoor tanning.

People who first use a tanning bed before age 35 increase their risk for melanoma by 75%.


“It is time to raise the minimum age to use indoor tanning beds in order to keep the next generation of New Yorkers safe from these cancer-causing products,” wrote the senator of New York regarding this issue

Rather than tanning beds, there are healthier alternatives like tanning body oils, lotions, or spray tans that give you the same exact tan without the UV radiation. 

Whether it be harmful blue light rays, juuling, or a frequent tanning bed user, each of these so called “trends” has a harmful impact. There are many other healthier alternatives to each of these trends mentioned here tonight.

Pregnant woman shot and killed intruders that invaded her home (news comment 12)

A pregnant Florida woman shot and killed a man with an AR-15 who invaded her home last Wednesday night.

The two men “made demands” of the man and woman who lived there and then started beating the male homeowner.

The female homeowner then retrieved a firearm, which was in the house legally, and fired a bullet which hit one of the men attacking her husband.

“He made it from my back door to roughly 200 feet out in the front ditch before the AR did its thing.”

Officials say, the search for the second intruder continues.

This story caught my attention because of the headline. A pregnant woman shot someone. That catches my attention and I assume many others. This not only is newsworthy because of that, but also because it is something the whole neighborhood needs to be aware of. An intruder is on the loose and has not been found. The audience for this article can basically be anyone, especially people that live in that same area. Personally, I do not think this article has anything missing from it. It explains that They are both alive, she shot 1 intruder, and the other has not been found yet.