Niklas Gustav on a mission for sacks

Meet Niklas Gustav, born and raised in Hamburg, Germany with the desire to play college football in the United States.

Excitement and nerves overcame Nik during his flight to the United States as he was anxious to begin his new football journey.

Nik never really has felt home sick because he has his brother in the United States as well, which plays football at Colorado University.

From the very beginning, the Morningside football team was “very welcoming”, says Nik.

Niklas Gustav is a defensive end which is the first line of defense, with the simple job to “stop the run and try to get the quarterback.” He has 4 sacks this year along with 15 total sacks in his career, which is #10 in Morningside History for sacks.

There are 2 more regular season games to go; home vs. Concordia and away at Northwestern College.

The next step after regular season are the playoffs, and maybe another national title.