Comparison News Stories

The story I chose to compare happens to be about my dad, Matt Boer. This news story is about aquatic therapy and how it helps individuals with pain. The video story version is titled “Aquatic Therapy Growing in Popularity”, which a subheading underneath it titled “Therapy in the water provides many benefits.” I think this lead is about as good as it can get for a topic like this. The reporter started off by saying “Rock Rapids, IA man says aquatic therapy has revealed his back pain to the point where he is no longer hunched over.” Then continued to show the news report.

On the other hand, the printed version of this same story titled “Avera Medical Minute: Aquatic Therapy Delivers Many Benefits” has a better ring in the lead. The lead started by saying “Gary De Boer of Rock Rapids has been battling back pain for years, so when he had a change to try aquatic therapy, he jumped right in.”

Yes, the two stories contain the same content, the print version is basically a transcript of the video story, minus some sentences and phrases. But a majority of it is the same.

I think the transitions within the video were good and the interviews were good as well and good placement of all of them.  

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