Exposure to blue light may fast-track the aging process (broadcast assignment)

Long period exposer to blue light, such as that which radiates from computer screens and cell phones, could affect the aging process. New studies show that blue light damages brain cells and retinas.

One study done included flies; and how they were effected after 12-hour daily blue light exposer. 

The flies that were exposed to 12 hours in blue light and 12 hours in darkness had shorter lives than the flies that were kept in total darkness and light with no blue light wavelengths. Flies that were exposed to that blue light showed damage to retinal and brain cells. 

A professor of integrative biology that was a part of this study said that “It was very clear cut that although light without blue slightly shortened their lifespan, just blue light alone shortened their lifespan very dramatically.”

Eye glasses with blue light blocking lenses, and phones, laptops, and other devices can be set to block blue emissions to help prevent aging, and damage to brain cells and retinas. 


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