Stefon Diggs fined over $200,000

The Minnesota Vikings fined starting Stefon Diggs, starting wide receiver, over $200,000 because of a couple unexcused absences from practice and meetings. 

On Monday and Tuesday the days were filled with practice and meetings, yet Diggs did not attend either; but still started against the Giants. Other teams reached out to the Vikings to see if they would be interested in a trade, but Diggs is still with the Vikings. Sources say it would take “an offer they can’t refuse” to trade the all-star receiver. 

The Vikings said no to every team that got a hold of them, and do not plan on getting rid of Diggs at any given time. It would take quite a lot to change their mind. 

This story was interesting because most people follow the NFL, and it is not common that players miss a couple days of practice in a row. The audience for this article is anyone that follows the NFL and the lead will catch peoples eye right away because that is a huge number that Diggs is being charged. This also relates to the class discussion where we talked about if you add the actual number (in this case $200,000) if it adds to the story, etc. In this case I thought it was more interesting and more eye catching if I added the actual amount that he was charged for.