Astros pitcher gives away World Series tickets to teased fans (news comment)

A couple of Astros fans were escorted out of the Yankee Stadium because they were being teased, resulting in free World Series tickets. 

Cruz Arcia Jr., Nathan Rocha and Kristina Contreras all managed to get into Game 5 of the Astros and Yankees, “we’ve been to nearly every Astros home game for several years.”

Heckled right when they got to their seats, it got worse and worse once the game went on. Some guy tried to start a fight with them, and others threw popcorn and beer at their face them being escorted out. 

Embedded video

The Astros fans thought they were going to be escorted out of the stadium but then individuals told security that they did nothing wrong. So instead, they were escorted to seats right behind home plate.  

A video was leaked on twitter of the fans getting beer and popcorn thrown at them, and Lance McCullers Jr., Houston Astros pitcher, saw this video and got a hold of these fans to give them World Series tickets. 

“Fans of all teams should be celebrated for loving the game, not treated like that. I look forward to having you watch a WS game in the H on me.”

This article is newsworthy because it is interesting to see and hear about not only for baseball fans, but for anyone because it has conflict involved. It is World Series time of year, so any news about it is interesting. The audience for this article is probably baseball fans, or sports news readers. I thought the lead was effective in the sense when people see “free world series tickets” they will want to read more.

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