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Tuesday October 23rd 2018



‘Rocky Horror’ a hit with students, bats

The winners.

The winners.

by Lindsey Smith–In true Halloween spirit, students (and bats) gathered at Klinger Neal Theater on Friday night to watch the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Around thirty students showed up for Alpha Psi Omega’s (Theater Honor Society) first event. As if the event wasn’t already spooky enough, two bats decided to fly around the theater halfway through.

Several students competed in the Halloween costume contest portion and included the characters of Kim Possible, Rick and Morty, Bob Ross, and senior citizens. Bob Ross took first place and senior citizens were in second.

Upon entering the theater, everyone was given a piece of paper and some props to use during the movie. Students were encouraged to be interactive as the paper suggests to yell “Slut!” whenever Janet’s character appears, and “Asshole!” whenever Brad’s character appears. Students also blew noisemakers, danced, and threw rice and confetti.

“The point of Rocky Horror is to be as loud and profane as possible,” Joey Volquartsen, an Alpha Psi Omega member announced before the movie.

Brock Bourek, a first time viewer, definitely had mixed feelings about the parody horror film, but overall he says, “I enjoyed the movie except for the last twenty minutes. Then it felt as though it was dragging on and on.”

Alpha Psi Omega members were excited about the turnout and are eager to put on more events for students in the future.