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Friday November 16th 2018



MAC: Special Homecoming Events for Students

by Shelby Small–When you think of homecoming, a football game and maybe a coronation come to mind, but not at Morningside.

Every year the Morningside Activities Council (MAC) holds a wide range of events during homecoming week that are open to all students. These events are aimed at getting students excited about the homecoming festivities and football game later in the week.

This year the events include extreme pet therapy, talent show and coronation, bingo, a magician, a juggler and live band karaoke to round out the festivities.

Dates and times for these events are:
• Monday 11am-3pm: Pet Therapy on the M
• Tuesday 7 pm: Coronation and Talent Show in Eppley Auditorium
• Wednesday 8pm: Magician Ran’D Shine in Yockey
• Thursday 8pm: Juggler Ivan Pecel in Eppley Auditorium
• Saturday 9pm-12pm: Live Band Karaoke and La Juanita’s on the M

Morningside Activities Counsel Vice President and Homecoming committee leader Tori Anderson says, “Homecoming week is going to be a week filled with fun for everyone involved! We have events every day to keep the students excited and engaged in what our community has to offer! I’m really excited to interact with the students, faculty, and alumni.”