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Sunday October 21st 2018



Morningside College Students Prepare for 2017 Finals

(05.03.2017) By Rachel Potter — One of the most stressful times as a college student is the preparation and completion of finals.

As time goes by it is becoming more popular to have projects or papers due, versus having actual tests for final exams.

Allie VanHouten, a junior says, “I would rather have presentations because I can do it over a period of time. You have a limited time to take a test and you can’t go back and edit it like you can a presentation.”

Jaclyn Arens, a sophomore agrees with VanHouten, stating, “I prefer doing projects because then typically you have more time to put it together and polish it off, verse tests you just do in class.”

Senior Jaden Lux, however, has a different opinion on finals. He says, “I prefer tests because papers take a lot more work and time.”

When asked how she manages finals stress, Molly McInnis says, “I manage my stress by taking coffee breaks with my friends at Starbucks.”

VanHouten, when asked, laughs and says, “I don’t, but realistically I take notes and organize what needs to get done first and I always give myself study breaks.”

Here are some helpful finals tips:

  • Don’t procrastinate
  • Always give yourself time for yourself
  • Have something constituent every day that you look forward to
    • example: going for a run, one episode of Netflix, or do a face mask
  • Learn to multitask
  • Try not to get too overwhelmed
  • Make lists