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Monday June 18th 2018



Morningside College Theater Students Produce a Cabaret

Joey Volquartsen rehearses song, “I’m Breaking Down”

Joey Volquartsen rehearses song, “I’m Breaking Down”

(05.03.2017) By Jared Martin — Morningside College Theater students will be performing in a cabaret on May 6th, where they will perform a wide variety of theatrical pieces.

A cabaret is a showcase of songs, monologues, and scenes that tell a coherent story on their own. The pieces are usually taken from a larger work, generally musicals.

Sophomore Amy Carothers is directing the cabaret as part of her junior project in theater, which she is completing a year early. She has put the cabaret together entirely by herself, from gathering performers to designing the set.

Carothers says that she’s excited to do a cabaret, because, “It’s fun to see a wide variety of topics and tones.” She also states that it was a good opportunity to see a lot of pieces one might not see at a regular show.

There will be eight performers in the cabaret performing a selection of fifteen pieces, with subjects ranging from coffee shop romance to murder most foul. “There’s more murder than you would expect,” Carothers says.

Carothers says the most important thing to notice about a cabaret piece is that it tells a complete story or makes sense out of the context of a full show.

The Cabaret will be on Saturday, May 6th at 7pm at Klinger Neal Theater.