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Monday June 18th 2018



AbyssRium: Tap Tap Fish Game Review

AbyssRium(04.11.2017) By Kayla Perkins – In gaming history there have been several pet simulation apps, where users are tasked with caring for the creatures. However, rarely has there been a fish or aquarium app, until now, like AbyssRium, also known as Tap Tap Fish.

AbyssRium, created by IDLE Idea Factory, is a casual gaming app where users are tasked with collecting fish and coral, making an aquarium around the main character, a rock known as the Lonely Corallite who is alone in an underwater abyss.

Players are able to unlock several different types of aquatic creatures, such as fish, whales and dolphins by tapping the screen, collecting “Vitality” from the Corallite. By also unlocking coral and plants users will be able to gain Vitality while they are not playing the game, and can also unlock auto-producing Vitality bonuses.

While this game is easy and meant to be relaxing, it also holds a secret bonus that you don’t often see in phone games – Virtual Reality mode. While it does require a VR headset, the VR mode of the game immerses users into the setting, allowing a up-close and personal look at the fish they have been collecting. Users are also able to interact with the fish, who will occasionally give “Love” which is used to unlock rare fish and abilities, by looking at them.

The game does not have a lot of action, but the game is very relaxing, which is the whole point of the game. The game will often give supportive messages, and encourages users to play at their own pace, giving free roam to customize and adjust how the setting looks. For those looking to destress, I would recommend this game to you.

I would give AbyssRium a 4/5. The game is available for free on iOS and Android devices.