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Friday November 16th 2018



The Asia Project Wows Crowd with Raw Content (video)

(4.7.2017) By Lindsey Smith — Acoustic slam poetry duo The Asia Project spoke about life’s hard-hitting issues Thursday night (April 6), including loving yourself, transgender issues, the death of a family member, surviving cancer, and dealing with miscarriages.

For anyone who might be wondering what acoustic slam poetry is, it is simply slam poetry with music playing in the background for added effect.

The Asia Project, “Pink Crayons”

The Asia Project consists of Asia Samson who performs the poetry and his brother-in-law Jollan who provides the music. This was their third appearance at Morningside College after visiting in 2011 and 2014.

Asia told the crowd how he worked at a corporate job until he was diagnosed with testicular cancer and decided to leave his job to do what he loved: slam poetry.

This decision came after his sister died the year before of a hemorrhage in her brain after surgery to remove a tumor.

The room was filled with laughter and tears as Asia moved through his set, including poems about his transgender sister and her transformation, as well as he and his wife’s battle with miscarriage.

Asia reminded the crowd, “Don’t ever forget to be present in people’s lives.”

Sophomore Tori Anderson said of the performance, “I thought it was wonderful. I like how he emphasized we just have to take life how it is. Be happy with your life.”

Senior Ashley Stagner also liked the show saying, “I liked how raw and real it was. His poems can connect with everyone here in one way or another. I think that’s great.”

The Asia Project has toured over 600 colleges across the country and are the highest booked poetry act on the college scene. The Asia Project has also toured with a variety of well-known artists including DMX and Janelle Monae. Because of their popularity, they have won a variety of awards and titles, as well as appearing in TV programs on HBO and BET.

More information on the group can be found at They are on many forms of social media and have merchandise available for purchase.