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Wednesday November 14th 2018



VP-Pellas Win First Morningside College Riff-Off (video)

The VP-Pellas

The VP-Pellas

(3.31.17) By Lindsey Smith – After almost an hour and a half of singing, the winner of Morningside College’s first Riff-Off was awarded to an all-female group who call themselves the VP-Pellas. Their winning song was by Fergie, titled “Glamorous.”

Runner ups were The Justice League with “I Can Show You the World” from the movie Aladdin, and Hodge Podge with “Hot N’Cold” by Katy Perry.

The Riff-Off, hosted by the head residents of Morningside College, was one to remember with students singing all the hits from Disney classics to Michael Jackson.

A riff-off, like the one featured in the popular movie Pitch Perfect, features groups of people who are given a category of songs and then must competitively sing. The participants are judged on several parts of their performance and cannot repeat songs or else they are “cut off.”

The event featured three groups of amateur student singers who called themselves The Justice League, the VP-Pellas, and Hodge Podge. All participants were judged on their amount of enthusiasm, amount of dancing, and the amount of songs they could sing in one round.

In the beginning, The Justice League, led by Wes Brown, took a strong lead, but were soon passed up by the VP-Pellas, led by Krista Waite.

The VP-Pellas wanted to make sure everyone knew they picked their name because, “We are very precise in our action plan to win.”

Categories included songs of the nineties, songs by hated artists, holiday songs, TV theme songs, sappy love songs, songs about food, the sixties, classic rock, girl power, and musicals.

Hodge Podge started off slow but soon fought their way into the group after the Girl Power category started.

All three teams made it to the “Sudden Death” Round, where each team had to choreograph and sing any song of their choice for at least twenty seconds.

Wes Brown said he wanted to participate in the Riff-Off, “Because I love Pitch Perfect and it’s been on my bucket list for many years.”

Members of the VP-Pellas and Hodge Podge also mentioned Pitch Perfect as their inspiration for coming out to the event and said they love to sing.

Next time, the head residents said they hope to see more people at the event, and one participant, Rashmi Krishna, said of the event, “I think next time there should be a prize.”