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Monday October 22nd 2018



Student Government Proposes a Change in Senate Size

SG Logo (02.24.2017) By Rachel Potter — Morningside College’s Student Government is looking to decrease its senate size.

Student Government currently has 27 senators and six executive seats. There are two representatives from each grade, three Roadman representatives, two Apartment representatives, five Dimmitt Representatives, one Plex Representative, and seven commuter representatives.

Currently the Senate is considering two representatives from each grade, two housing representatives, two commuter representatives, one international representative, and one transfer representative, for a total of sixteen senators.

Dimmitt Representative Ons Souissi, an international student, said, “I think that an international student representative should be pursued because the population of international students is growing significantly at Morningside, and we need to be represented and I think having a representative would be the best way to do so.”  Souissi went on to say, “It would be easier to get involved and connect to the school and have a voice if there is anything needed.”

Jadyn Mohr, Student Advocate, said, “It is my job to update the constitution. As an executive team we have worked really hard on this proposal, and we feel that this senate size would be very beneficial to Morningside [and] Student Government.”

After this senate size proposal was brought up during the weekly Student Government meeting, many other suggestions were suggested.

All students are welcome at Student Government meetings, which take place every Tuesday at 6:30 in the Student Government office.