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Monday October 22nd 2018



Alpha Omicron Pi Announces Spring Recruitment Plans

(1/30/17) By Maggie Ganley – The members of Alpha Omicron Pi are excited to announce spring recruitment is upon us. This week, members have planned out many entertaining events such as late night breakfast, painting canvases, Panda Bingo, and game night.

List of Recruitment Events

List of Recruitment Events

Alpha Omicron Pi (AOII) is a women’s fraternity that has been around since 1966 and has established itself on the second floor of Dimmitt Hall.

Once each semester, this Greek life organization holds a recruitment week.

“AOII recruitment week is a week that AOII puts on for the women of campus. We invite all of the girls to come and do different activities . . . We put on this week to get our name out there and to get to know the women of campus and meet people that might be interested in AOII,” President Erica Young explained.

These events help existing members get to know new recruits in a relaxing, fun, and low stakes environment. For example, games such as “Get to Know You” Jenga are used as an icebreaker to get new members to learn more about each other. Existing member Megan Griep noted this game as her favorite part of her new member recruitment week.

Overall, the best part about recruitment week is “Getting to know all of the women on campus. We make great, new, lasting friendships and we sometimes meet new sisters,” according Erica Young.

Erica’s statement rings true as many members consider AOII family and use each other as a support group in their times of need.

Interested? Come see more of what AOII is about this week!