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Wednesday November 14th 2018



People to know: Beth Hinga

0482119By Alyssa Nehring–Morningside students will know most of the faculty, but occasionally an unknown name shows up e-mail headers.

Your first thought might be to delete it, but think first: there might be an important person on the other side of the computer.

Beth Hinga’s name might have popped up on your e-mail once in a while but do you really know her? As the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Hinga “wears a lot of hats.”

Hinga is in charge of a lot of different things that help campus run smoothly. One of the major things that Hinga spends her time doing is putting together the course book for every semester.

She works with professors and department chairs to work out a schedule so all courses that are available in a semester work together cohesively.

Student travel is something that Hinga has always supported. She helps students who have decided to study abroad during their college career. Morningside College has relationships with various school in different countries.

“I really love seeing the transition students show from before their semester aboard to when they return to campus,” explained Hinga.

Hinga also helps students with disabilities to “even the playing field.”

“I really enjoy working one on one with students,” she said. She assists student with learning disabilities like ADHD, dyslexia, and others as well as physical disabilities that are more short term, like broken bones.

Hinga came to Morningside College in July 2014. She loves campus at the start on spring, and the weeks leading up to the begining of each semester, especially “watching campus come to life and having all the energy back.”