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Monday October 22nd 2018



Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie Review

By Derek Krayenhagen–By far one of the biggest box office draws this year quite possibly could have gone from epic movie adventure to epic movie failure. With a movie that was surrounded by so much buzz from both comic lovers and the average Joe movie goer one thing was for sure this movie had a lot riding on it and it may have disappointed most audiences.

Batman vs. Superman is a great story the movie world was ready for but director Zack Snyder had big shoes to fill when it came to Batman and with his portrayal of Superman being so poorly accepted by critics in Man of Steel there was hardly any room for error.

With a run time of over two hours, Batman vs. Superman seems to drag on a little longer than necessary. The movie can still be seen in select theaters but if I were to be totally honest I would suggest waiting for the DVD release and catching it then. A movie like this was suppose to be meant for the big screen but something about it makes it fall flat and from one movie lover to what I am assuming is another reading this, just wait.

The movie is great at setting up the bigger picture here, the “Dawn of Justice” that is indicated in the title is of course for the Justice League movie that DC has been planning for quite some time. Batman vs. Superman has some cameos from some other Justice League members that really lets you see what the “universe” were in is all about. This and the only other bright spot of the film for me was Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Yes, Jesse Eisenberg had me captivated every moment he was on screen. He gave Lex a more modern day feel. He was by far my favorite part of the movie.

Batman vs. Superman overall did what I think most people forgot what it was suppose to do–setup the Justice League movie–so for that I can say I’m not fully disappointed with it. For a comic book lover or superhero movie junkie it is definitely worth a watch but maybe save your money on the movie ticket and the overpriced popcorn at the theater.