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Thursday December 13th 2018



PCAC–Popular Culture Association Conference

By Kayla Perkins–“Hello Seattle!” Owl City’s lyrics sung in my head as our plane landed in Seattle–Tacoma International Airport. Anticipation hummed through me as the four of us prepared to attend the annual Popular Culture Association Conference, from March 21st through the 25th. After weeks of preparation we had been granted permission to attend the conference that would discuss pop culture in academic settings, an opportunity unique to PCA.

I, along with three other students from Morningside, was allotted the funds from Student Government to attend this yearly academic conference, a unique opportunity. However, what makes it even more unique is that it is a conference of undergraduate students, graduate students, and professors that present their individual research on not academic topics, but on popular culture, such as shows such as the popular Supernatural.

I attended three to four panels each of the three days I was at the conference, each pertaining to something I was interested in. In fact, there were times where I had to leave in the middle of one panel to listen to other panels. There were far too many to choose from, and there were a lot I ended up missing out on. The variety of topics was huge, as well, so everyone could always find something interesting to attend.

During the trip I also took the chance to explore the “Emerald City.” Despite my days being filled with panels and papers, I always had time to explore Seattle in the evenings. I experienced a variety of foods, from local burger joints to British pub eatery, and of course, fish, at the upscale Cutters Crabhouse. To say I was sated is an understatement.

Overall my experience was one that I am never going to forget. The city, the conference, and especially the people made the trip exciting and always enjoyable. It is a unique environment full of academics, nerd culture, and mutual interests not found in such large quantities elsewhere.

I would definitely recommend students look into attending next year, in San Diego, to experience the one-of-a-kind Popular Culture Conference.