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Friday October 19th 2018



Miitomo: App Review

By Kayla Perkins–Fans of Nintendo now have a social platform unlike any other. Miitomo is a free social networking app developed by Nintendo that incorporates the “Mii” characters with other social platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. The app was released worldwide on March 31, and is available for iOS and Android. This is Nintendo’s first mobile platform.

Miitomo is unique in that it uses “Mii” characters – Nintendo’s iconic characters people use when putting themselves in games such as “Animal Crossing” or “Mario Kart 8.” In Miitomo the characters are given a voice, personality, and wardrobe that users can expand by winning clothes in mini-games. The characters also ask the user questions they can answer and share on Facebook or Twitter, along with other Miis they add as friends. Many of the questions pertain to interests, such as favorite foods or shows.

I downloaded this app just a few days ago, and am not bored with it nor amazed by it. I am familiar with the Miis they use, because they are the same as in the game “Tomodatchi Life” which I have played before, so it was not anything new to me. The mini-games are a variation of a Plinko boards, so there is not a lot of participation on the user’s part, but it is suspenseful. The wardrobe, however, is very diverse and offers a lot of individuality. Each Mii can have their own voice, as well, so it is interesting seeing the variety of characters.

Overall I would give this app a 6/10. I am not amazed by it, and there was not a lot of advertising on Nintendo’s part, so there wasn’t a lot of build-up to its release so there wasn’t much to look forward to. Being familiar with the type of characters it wasn’t anything new to me, either, so it felt familiar. However, I think people who haven’t seen the characters before will find more enjoyment out of it then I did. It is also brand new, so it can only grow from here.