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Saturday October 20th 2018



A Productive Way to Procrastinate: Organizing Your Room

By Diane Nguyen–As of right now, in the semester, I’m tired of school and homework. I’ve only been focusing on two of my four classes. Now that I have confessed, this is where all of my bad habits will change. Just kidding.

So, to procrastinate some more of my schoolwork, I’m going to clean my room. Here are some of my tips on how to get the bedroom organized:

Have too many hats and not enough places to put them? Well I do, 27 to be exact just sitting in the corner of my room. My solution to this was to hang a piece of yarn between some hooks or some blank space that I could hang something on the wall. Keep in mind that the more you add to the yarn the lower the yarn will drop, so make sure you put it in a place that it super high so it doesn’t get in the way. If you are using command stripes I HIGHLY suggest the super strength long ones and before you add your hats to the yarn let it sit for 24 hours or more just to make sure it is FULLY stuck to the wall before you hang all your hats off of it.

Now that the command hooks are stuck and in place with the yarn attached to it. Take some clothespins or whatever clip like structure you have laying around, binder clips, chip clips, etc. And clip your hat to the yarn and you now have an organized place for all of your hats!

Need more storage containers for all of your random nick-nacs, bolts, hair ties, bobby pins, or dinky things you have laying around? Old candle jars are perfect for those kinds of things. To get the leftover wax out of the candle just use a knife and scrap it out. Tough little chucks left in? Just microwave the jar for about 10 seconds, it’ll heat up the wax, and you will then just be able to wipe the container clean.

Don’t like candles or you don’t have any old candle jars? Reuse any jars you may have, they will always come in a pinch!

Another tip to cleaning your room is if you say you’re going to do it later, just do it now and get it done. This way, whatever it is you see that needs to get done now just gets done right away. Compared to later, which most likely means that it will never get done. Or it will get done just farther down the line of time.

Lastly, this tip doesn’t really help with organizing your room but rather deals with the problem where your roommate keeps ‘borrowing’ your phone charger? Well go no farther with this creative: “How to prevent your roommate from using your charger/cord hack!” Take your cord and take some washi tape (fancy printed tape) or some printed duct tape and cover the tip of the cord with it!

Now no one will use it besides you or without your permission. This hack works because no one wants to get in trouble with using someone’s claimed cord. So, if anyone sees this cord they know they can’t get away with just taking it because you have made, theoretically speaking, your mark on it!

These are just some of the everyday things I use in my room to keep it help keep it organized and in tact. Some of these tips may not work for you as well as they work for me. All I can say to that is to just experiment with different ways to keep your room organized. So, if that means taking some of these tips that I have offered you and tweaking them go for it!