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Friday October 19th 2018



Bowitz leaves his mark on Morningside

Art Dept. Chair John Bowitz presents Cameron Oakley with an award during a gallery reception.

Art Dept. Chair John Bowitz presents Cameron Oakley with an award during a gallery reception.

By Jescy Rodriguez–Current Professor and Chair of the Art Department John Bowitz has announced his resignation, effective at the end of this year. He began working at Morningside College in 1977.  Bowitz was formerly the Chair of the Division of Fine Arts at Ottumwa Heights College.

After 35 years of service to Morningside College, Bowitz is looking forward to freeing up time to refine his own craft. He is a renowned artist focused on his paintings and sculpture, but also works in other forms of art such as ceramics.  Currently, Bowitz has several pieces of work displayed at the Sioux City Art Center.

“One of the reasons for my retirement is to devote more time to work on my own art. Being retired will free up some time from my schedule in order to allow me to make more art and talk to trees.”

Although Bowitz is retiring, he still is looking forward to sticking around campus.

“I’ll more than likely be around to teach Ceramics again a year from now.”

Thinking over the memories he has made over 35 years at Morningside College, Bowitz said “The college has left a better impression on me from when I started, attributed from all of the hardworking students, faculty, and administrators.  As for all the quirky memories, they will all be exposed when I’ve written my memoir.”

Bowitz has certainly left a mark on this campus through his teaching, guidance and shaping of young minds.  Many of his students admire him for his candid demeanor as well as his artistic prowess.

Senior Studio Art major Dan Cunningham has taken several classes with Bowitz at Morningside in the past four years.  Amongst the many memories of Bowitz’s exuberance for art history and funny little doodles he made on the marker board.

Cunningham was inspired by Bowitz’s artistic influence. “I am glad I was given the opportunity to have his company as a mentor from my freshman to my senior year.  He deserves a break after the all the time and energy he has put into the art program here,” said Cunningham.

Graphic Design and Studio Art major senior Megan Mclaury has also taken a few ceramics and art history courses with Bowitz. “Bowitz is probably one of my favorite professors on campus.  His interaction with students makes me giggle.  John sometimes used to go on long rants during his art history class, but that is when you would learn a huge bulk of information,” said Mclaury.