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Friday November 16th 2018



Saving money at Target

By Meghanne Adams–
We are all college students, which usually can mean one thing: we are probably broke. Target is a store that has a lot of the must-haves on our weekly shopping lists and is fairly close to our school. I’ve compiled some tips together to help save students money while shopping there. Let’s face it, every little bit can count.

Another universal truth about college students other than the fact that we are always trying to save money, is that we all love Facebook. Start following or ‘liking’ your favorite stores on Facebook, and tips for potential savings will be delivered right onto your news feed. Be sure to also to ‘like’ Target Savers on Facebook. This is a Target fan page where people come to share their savings and deals by letting other people know about the great deals they got. Another fan site is, which also does an awesome job of sharing this week’s saving opportunities.

You can start saving money by making sure you are checking the clearance sections of the store. These are located on the endcaps of the aisles, usually on the side facing away from the center of the store. Just by making sure to walk to the end of the aisle that would be closest to the wall, you can make sure you’re not missing a good deal on an item.

The last time I was at Target, I found the make-up clearance section and paid $6.38 for L’Oreal True Match Compact Powder, which usually is $12.79. The girls reading this can vouch for the fact that make up can be very expensive, and a chance at saving 50 percent is definitely worth checking out the clearance section. This endcap is located in the front right hand corner of our local Target.

The endcaps that hold the clearance items for towels, bedding, etc. are located at the very back of the store facing the back wall, so be sure to check these as well to snag a good deal for your dorm.

Another great way to save is to check out for coupons about once a week. Coupons can easily be printed, so it is a very quick way to save extra money. On this section of their website you can filter the coupons to just the areas of the store you are interested in shopping, so you don’t have to look through all 15 pages.