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Monday October 22nd 2018



StuGov 2011-2012 wrap-up

By  Katie Schiltz, Student Advocate –
Morningside College Student Government has had a pretty good run this year. We have made quite a few improvements on campus and accomplished many of our goals that we started creating after being elected into office at the end of the 2010-2011 school year.

The Student Government Advisor is Andrew Pflipsen, Associate Dean of Students. The current Executive Council is Kyle Bubb, President; Emily Lechtenberg, Vice President/MAC President; Taylor Chapman, Treasurer; Whitney Postma, Secretary; and Katie Schiltz, Student Advocate. There are 27 senate members made up of students from the constituencies of freshman class, sophomore class, junior class, senior class, Roadman Hall, Dimmitt Hall, Apartment/Houses, the Residence Complex, and commuter students.

The new executives for 2012-2013 were recently inducted at the Honors Convocation that took place on Wednesday, April 11. Those executives are Kelci Teut, President; Katie Schiltz, Vice President/MAC President; Brendan Pinto, Treasurer; Jed McCoy, Secretary; and Matt Brady, Student Advocate. They have been working with the new executives and cannot wait to help better the campus even more next year!

Overall, being involved in Student Government is a great opportunity to truly get involved, have a voice, and make a difference on campus. As an organization, we participate in or create a variety of community service opportunities on and off campus, work on keeping the link between the students and the faculty/staff, allocate funds to organizations on campus, and work on getting the students’ voices heard!

Mostly, we would like to continue to thank the students, faculty, and staff for all of their support again this year. With the help of the students’ votes, we have broken records for all of our elections this year, which is a great accomplishment!