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Tuesday June 19th 2018



Do Your Parents “Creep”?

By Emily Domayer ~ As more young people join Facebook, parents may worry about what their teenagers are posting. If a parent is “friends” with their teen then they will have access to that information. On the other hand some parents feel the need to “creep” on their children’s walls. Maybe they are worried about their child getting involved with the wrong crowd, or having problems with drinking and partying.

“Creeping” is the act of constantly checking up on someone’s Facebook wall. People “creep” on other people for various reasons. Sometimes they “creep” because they have a crush on someone but are anxious about the other person knowing how they feel. So they end up stalking them on Facebook instead. A newspaper article about parents “creeping” on their teenager’s Facebook wall begs the question: Have Morningside students ever experienced this?

Freshman Michelle Knipe said that her mom used to be on Facebook, but isn’t anymore. “When she was on Facebook, she hacked into my Facebook page and was creeping all the time. It was really annoying.”

Daniel Terry, Jr. said, “my ex-girlfriend’s parents creep. A lot of people’s moms worry about their kid’s friends.”

Other students shared that their moms and some of their friends’ moms are “helicopter moms” meaning that they are hovering over their kids and trying to protect them. One Morningside student admitted, “my mom has seen every Saturday night four a.m. drunk picture on my Facebook wall.”

When asked if there was a difference between moms and dads regarding “creeping” he added, “Yes. Most dads are not on Facebook. It’s moms who are being overprotective.”