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Monday October 22nd 2018



Super-letdown for this years commercials.

By Brittany Poss–
Super Bowl Sunday brought avid fans from all realms. New England Patriot enthusiasts, New York Giant fanatics, and commercial lovers were all in attendance.

Each year, many people wait to enjoy the commercial creativity as much as they anticipate the year-end finale. General consensus says the close game overshadowed the commercial busts this year. A couple of ads shown became a conversation piece or elicited some laughs, but the amount was less than with previous Super Bowls.

According to ratings, the most talked about ad featured Clint Eastwood representing the general public with a patriotic “its halftime America” message about the struggles of the auto industry and the country as a whole. His demeanor was optimistic, looking towards better days. The ad can be characterized as a pseudo-event trying to tell the nation what to think and creating a conversable discussion about the politics in his message.

The audience enjoyed the lighthearted M& M “sexy & I know it” commercial which showcased the new milk chocolate shelled M&M known as Ms. Brown.  The commercial took a popular song from the last year and used a nude theme to catch attention. The intellectuals of the ad, who notably were all women, were interested in what Ms. Brown had to say. The men were portrayed as immature fools who thought her brown shell meant she was naked. This commercial was targeted toward hormone enthused teenagers and provoked many laughs.

The Doritos Corporation let down expectant fans. Usually they take the number one spot for best commercials but this year fell to the number 5 spot. When a company spends $3.5 million on a 30 second slot, the goal is to be the best and this year they fell short along with many other organizations.

The winner of this years’ competition between the teams and the commercials went to the New York Giants. New England put up a good fight but the commercials took themselves out of contention by allowing the advertisements to be aired before the game or by producing mediocre work.