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Tuesday October 23rd 2018



Breaking Bad: Critically acclaimed and for good reason

By Shelby Powell–

Entertainment writers fall in love with all kinds of television shows. Most of the time it’s for an episode or for a season. Few shows are consistently and overwhelmingly embraced by critics across the board. AMC’s series, Breaking Bad, has done just that.

The star of Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston, won 3 consecutive Emmy’s for his portrayal of terminally ill chemistry teacher Walter White. Co-star Aaron Paul has also one an Emmy for his portrayal of perpetual screw-up Jesse Pinkman. Recently renewed for a fifth and final season, now is the perfect time get fully acquainted with the saga of Walter and Jesse.

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is a man who, after being diagnosed with cancer, concocts a plan to get his family out of debt before he dies. Walter recruits Jesse Pinkman, once a student and now a drug dealer, in a scheme to cook and deal meth. With Walter’s knowledge of chemistry, they create a product that is the purest form of street meth available.

With a compelling cast of characters, criminal and law enforcement alike, creator Vince Gilligan creates a world driven by the characters and the choices they make. The line between right and wrong is frequently blurred and it seems like that’s the way the audience likes it.

Breaking Bad is an intense and sometimes graphic experience, one that requires concentration and investment on the part of the viewer. One must suspend their own ethics in favor of diving head first into the world of Walter White. Vince Gilligan relishes in asking his audience to root for a man doing illegal and reprehensible things in the name of his family. Bryan Cranston is breathtaking in his transformation to Walter White. Cranston makes sure that this isn’t just a character. This is a man who is faced with insurmountable odds.

This series is sure to end with a bang, one that you won’t want to miss out on.