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Friday October 19th 2018



Morningside’s happily ever afters- Part 3

By Claire De Roin–

This is the final installment in a three-part series on engagements and weddings during college.

Becca and Garret Allen


Rebecca Allen met her future husband, Garrett, in her freshman honors class. She thought he was nerdy, and he thought she was always running late. Who’d have thought they’d be married soon after they graduated?

“We hit it off the start of our sophomore year and began dating officially,” Rebecca says. “Garrett proposed the first day of classes our senior year. My friends and family were ecstatic. I hadn’t really dated a lot before, and Garrett and I had been together such a long time. They all knew that he was the perfect guy for me.”

Rebecca says it was difficult to balance wedding planning and school. “I spent my last semester student teaching; this was really challenging. I never realized how much work planning a wedding was. It was awful. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. It consumed more time than I had, which made the last semester stressful. But I am so happy to be married right now, so I wouldn’t change a thing!”

With student teaching and wedding planning, did Rebecca feel like she was missing out on college life?

“I suppose being engaged did cause some friends to just assume we would always be hanging out together. I feel like Garrett is my other half and that I am more complete with him in my life.”

Rebecca and Garrett Allen are now living in wedded bliss in Alabama. Garrett is attending graduate school as the University of Alabama in Hunteville. He is studying aerospace engineering. Becca is working full-time at Wells Fargo Bank.

“The most enjoyable part of being married so far is the teamwork we are putting into our lives,” Rebecca says. “I used to be very independent and proud of my individual work. But now I see how much I need Garrett’s support and assistance to just get by: even if that means him getting groceries or making dinner when I have a stressful day. We take turns sacrificing and helping the other person out. I have been awed at how I could not manage without all the little things he does for me.”


Andrew Gerodias, a 2011 graduate of Morningside got married to his college sweetheart Amanda during his senior year. Amanda is a 2009 graduate of Morningside. Andrew never felt as if he was missing out on anything due to his relationship. “I feel as if those who are missing what I have are truly missing out,” he says. However, he did feel left out when he was required to travel during his school career and Amanda could not come along.

Andrew and Amanda Gerodias are currently enjoying married life together. Amanda is working full-time and Andrew is attending grad school. “The best part of the married life so far is the honesty,” Andrew says. “It sounds cheesy, but it really feels good to be honest and be able to share without the feeling of judgment. Everything just feels safe.”

When asked to offer advice to couples considering getting engaged during college, he answered, “When it feels right, reassess everything. If it still feels right and you are truly prepared, go for it. I feel that too many people rush into relationships, but for me I just felt that I could handle this commitment and was willing to share the rest of my life with another.”

“Luckily, my wife did most of the planning,” Andrew says. “If both of us were in school, it would have been a whole different story. I just chimed in when my opinion was needed.”

The cold, hard truth of the matter?

“It’s important to be a part of things, but let’s be honest,” Andrew says. “The wedding day is for the lady; the bachelor party is for the man.”